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Women valiantly manage careers, family, and social responsibilities day in and day out, and the last thing on their minds is how to tackle their financial challenges - there's just too much on the never-ending list of life to do before then! The problem is money stress follows them in shame from debt, anxiety about not knowing how to make ends meet, guilt from spending, and frustration in relationships around money. The Kati Hyer Show walks through the myths that perpetuate money shame, stress, anxiety, guilt and more, breaking them down step by step and providing the scripture that women can use to propel their finances forward. Their careers, families, and faith journeys will feel a boost as well!

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Apr 7, 2021

The research bears it out: Millionaires combine finances.

But how? It is so hard to get on the same page with money, especially for those of us in new relationships who have experienced broken trust. 

In this episode I jump into the studies that talk about the impact of money on relationships, the questions we need to...